Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre was established by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahayan, President of United Arab Emirates and Ruler of A bu Dhabi at Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. The Centre was set up with the objective of streamlining instructions and research in Qur’anic Teachings and Ara b ic Studies while at the same time making these studies compatible with new developments in the fields of modern science and technology. This integratio n of Computer Science to Qur’anic and Arabic Studies is imperative to face new real iti es and future challenges.

The Qur’an Computer combination ideally aims to cater to precision of reasoning and clarity of presentation among the scholars who receive instructions at the Centre. This is the most pressing need of the Ummah, since Islam is the universal religion and Qur’an, the ultimate Book of wisdom, and scientific study of Qur’an is vital to remove the cobwebs of woolly thinking and to present Islam as the panacea of all contemporary maladies.

The full time programs offered are B.S & M.S. (Islamic Studies with Computer Technology) while PGD & Master in Islamic Banking & Finance. In 2014 the Center also started it M.Phil/Ph.D in Islamic Banking and Finance. Also a wide range of Certificate Courses are also offered in the domain of Islamic Banking and Finance as well as in the field of Computer Technology.

Other than the regular faculty, the visiting faculty of the campus comprise of renowned scholars and professionals from the Islamic financial sector. Some of the renowned names include Mufti Irshad Ejaz, Mufti Mufti Najeeb Khan, Mufti Khalil Azmi, Mufti Ibrahim Essa, Mufti Nadeem Iqbal, Mr. Omar Mustafa Ansari, Mr. Mujeeb Beig, Mr. Mohammad Imran, Mr. Mahmood Shafqat, Mr. Munir Mansuri, Mr. Javed Ismail, Mr. Fareed, Dr. Mufti Zubair Usmani, Mr. Rizwan Chaghtai, Mufti Syed Sabir, Mufti Syed Zahid, and Mr. Abdul Jabbar Karimi.

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre in its size and splendor can be compared to any campus of world-class institution of higher learning.The facilities are immaculately maintained in line with the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center tradition of excellence in all facets of its activities.

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center is a large complex of buildings spread around lush green sprawling lawns, which serves as a backdrop to an extremely conducive environment for academic pursuit .The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center lies in the heart of the education district of Karachi.Apart from housing ten classrooms, it has a Library , an Auditorium, a Mosque, a Conference and Seminar Rooms,and a Computer Lab.The classrooms at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center are large and airy and fully equipped with modern audio-visual facilities,to enhance the learning experience and make it more interactive.All facilities at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre are accessible to the students,faculty and course participants.

The Center had been publishing two separate research magazines annually in English and Arabic since 1990.Now the Center has been able to publish a tri-linguistic (Urdu,English and Arabic) by Quarterly, Research Journal namely As-Saqafat-ul Islamia (Islamic Culture) and the center is publishing a Quarterly bilingual Newsletter as well.