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What is the Admission Procedure?

You can obtained the form (on Payment) for all Degree Programs and Certificate Courses from Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre which is located on Main University Road, Adjacent to University Staff Gate.

What is the last date for Submission of Forms?

The Last Date for Submission of Forms is 15th Nov, 2015.

Is B.S a Regular Degree Program?

Yes, B.S is a regular classes based Degree Program.

What are the Days/Timings of PGD (Islamic Banking and Finance) Classes? What is the duration of PGD?

PGD (Islamic Banking and Finance) classes are offered on Fri(6-9 pm) Sat(5-9 pm) and Sunday(9.30 a.m. - 1 p.m.) only. PGD Diploma consists of Two Semesters. If you continue our PGD Program to Masters then after 1 year of study you can obtain a Masters Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Can I obtained PGD Diploma only in Islamic Banking and Finance?

Yes, you can obtain PGD Diploma after 1 Year (Two Semesters) of study.

Can I take Admission in MIBF directly?

No, Direct Admission in MIBF Program is not permissible. First you have to obtain a PGD in Islamic Banking and Finance from a HEC recognized Institution.

What is the Fee Structure of B.S Program?

For full Fee Structure of B.S Program Click Here

What is the Fee Structure of PGD/MIBF Program?

For Full Fee Strcuture of PGD/MIBF Program Click Here


Financial Aid - Qarz e Hasna

Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre has put a step ahead and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ihsan Trust. Through this MOU Financial Aid will be available to those students who need financial help. One of the major focus of this MOU is in the domain of providing Qarz-e-Hasna (Interest free loan) for needy and deserving students of Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre. Through this scheme the Ihsan Trust bears the educational expenses of the students on purely "Need cum Merit" basis in order to enable them to complete their Higher Education from Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Karachi.


Family Profile:

Total number of family members, dependants and their status
Number of students in the family and the status of Institutions in which they are studying.



Income from Salary
Income from Business
Agriculture Income
Income from Investments
Income form properties


Household expenses
Educational Expenses
External Liabilities (loan repayments, credit card payments etc)
Other expenditure

Other Factors:

Residence and accommodation status
Pattern of family's spending
Expenditure on Air travel (essential and non essential)
Luxury spending (club membership, dining out)
Siblings studying overseas
Savings & Investments
Other financial support available from family or relatives


The following categories of students will not be provided the financial assistance:

Students having access to other types of coverage for education cost, including education benefit by employer, education insurance schemes, Government (local, provincial or Federal) support, any other facility
Students with siblings studying abroad (with or without scholarship)


Students can download the Application Form from our Website (Downloads Area).


For more Information about Ihsan Trust and their Qarz e Hasna Policy. Please Contact:

Sheikh Adnan Ahmed Usmani (Lecturer)



Classes Commencement Schedule


As per notification of University of Karachi Evening Program.
Evening classes for PGD Islamic Banking and Finance at SZIC will commence from 18th Jan 2019 Friday 6 pm.

PGD Evening IBF. : 18TH JAN 2019.

Language Lab

The  Centre  has  a  State  of  the  art  language  Lab for  Arabic and English Languages. The Language Lab  is  air  conditioned,  equipped  with  multimedia, projector and Upgraded Computers Technology .

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Industrial/Organizational /Bank/Financial Institution Visits

To enable the students of the Centre to know how to use their subject knowledge in the practical filed, the Centre arranges industrial/organizational visits for the students every year.

The students of B.S Final Year are taken to field trips/study tours to Interior Sindh, Universities and Sites.


Literary, Educational & Welfare Society (LEWS)

This Society was established in the year 1996. Following are some of its objectives:

  • To endeavour to promote the standard of to help and to struggle in solving the education and training of the centre.
  • To create and to maintain good and brotherly relations and pleasant atmosphere among the students, teachers and staff members.
  • Problems of students and staff members.
  • To arrange and conduct debates & quiz competitions (oral and written) so as to promote skill, knowledge, aptitude, unity, understanding dependability, public relations in students and staff members. The Society encourages the best performance by giving awards.
  • To conduct from time to time exhibitions, books display, poetic gathering, literary sittings etc. The society helps the centre to maintain the discipline, Islamic values and culture and it also supports and helps the deserving and needy students.
  • To arrange picnics, sports and games.
  • To publish useful literatures and souvenirs every year.

The Society arranges programmes like qirat, na’at, debate, speech (English, Urdu, and Arabic) and quiz competitions.


Society for Computer- Based Islamic Research (SCIR)

This Society was established in the year 1997. The main objective of this society is to enable the students to carry out computer-based research projects of Islamic Studies. This will hopefully helpful for the Centre to form a team that will be used to develop “Islamic Information System”.

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Computer Society

The computer society of the centre was established in 1996, to enhance the creativity among students and to provide an environment that enables the students to keep their knowledge up to date in the field of computer studies. For this, society arranges lectures, seminars and software exhibitions.

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The Centre has a fully carpeted, beautiful mosque, that possesses all the facilities that are  needed by any mosque. It has  capacity  for  600  persons. A full time "Pesh Imam" and a full time "Moazzin" are appointed for the mosque by the Center.

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Computer Lab (Air Conditioned)

The Air-Conditioned Computer Lab. of the Centre possesses a "Local Area Network" environment with three servers. All the remaining computers are workstations. Each computer and server supports multiple operating systems( i.e. Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 8, 10) facilities to a user. Moreover the lab. provides facilities of Scanners, HP laser jet printers, CD writer, Internet etc. The students are benefiting with networking, databases, multimedia, on line databases and various softwares.


Library (Air Conditioned)

The Air Conditioned Library of the Center has accumulated a vast collection of material on Islamic literature such as Tafsir, Hadith, Sirah, Fiqh and Sufism etc. Many books and magazines on Computer Studies are also available.

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Conference Room (Air Conditioned)

The Air Conditioned Conference Room has the capacity of 200 persons. Due to its extensive facilities, it facilitates arranging meetings of the Senate, Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums etc.

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Auditorium (Air Conditioned):

The Air Conditioned auditorium has the capacity of 500 persons. Due to its extensive facilities, it facilitates arranging meetings of the Senate, Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums etc.

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Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in Islamic Banking & Finance