What is the Admission Procedure?

You can obtained the form (on Payment) for all Degree Programs and Certificate Courses from Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre which is located on Main University Road, Adjacent to University Staff Gate.

What is the last date for Submission of Forms?

The Last Date for Submission of Forms is 15th Nov, 2015.

Is B.S a Regular Degree Program?

Yes, B.S is a regular classes based Degree Program.

What are the Days/Timings of PGD (Islamic Banking and Finance) Classes? What is the duration of PGD?

PGD (Islamic Banking and Finance) classes are offered on Fri(6-9 pm) Sat(5-9 pm) and Sunday(9.30 a.m. - 1 p.m.) only. PGD Diploma consists of Two Semesters. If you continue our PGD Program to Masters then after 1 year of study you can obtain a Masters Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Can I obtained PGD Diploma only in Islamic Banking and Finance?

Yes, you can obtain PGD Diploma after 1 Year (Two Semesters) of study.

Can I take Admission in MIBF directly?

No, Direct Admission in MIBF Program is not permissible. First you have to obtain a PGD in Islamic Banking and Finance from a HEC recognized Institution.

What is the Fee Structure of B.S Program?

For full Fee Structure of B.S Program Click Here

What is the Fee Structure of PGD/MIBF Program?

For Full Fee Strcuture of PGD/MIBF Program Click Here