Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center is offering Languages Certificate Courses for those students who want to get introduced to the languages like Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu for Arab World. These certificate courses are designed to follow the need of languages mentioned. All these courses are comprised of Step-1, Step-2, Step-3, Step-4.

1. Arabic
2. English
3. Persian[1]
4. Urdu for Arab World

Eligibility: For Step-1 :
Intermediate (At Least)
Eligibility: For Step-2,3,4 :
Intermediate Plus Basic knowledge of Arabic equal
to our step 1,2,3.

Fee : Rs.5000/- (Per Step)
Admission Fee : Rs.1000/-
Duration: 6 Months (One Semester Per Step)
Offered Now: Step 1 & Step 3 in this Semester

For more Info on these Basic Languages Certificate Courses.

Phone: 0333-2219016

[1] : The Persian (Farsi) course is specially offered for the students of the Centre, who want to learn a second language besides Arabic & English wihich are compulsory. However Candidates from out side the Centre may also apply for admission.