It is comparable in size and splendor with any campus of world-class institution of higher learning.The facilities are immaculately maintained in line with the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre that is a Tradition of Excellence in all facets of its activities.

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre is a large complex of buildings spread around lush green sprawling lawns, which serves as a backdrop to an extremely conducive environment for academic pursuit.

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre lies in the heart of the education district of Karachi. Apart from housing 10 class rooms, it has a well stocked Library, a spacious air conditioned Auditorium, a Mosque, Conference Halls and Seminar Rooms and a state of the art Computer Lab. The City Campus is also home to the Evening Program, which is attended mainly by Professionals and Managers. The classrooms at Sheikh Zayed Islamic centre are large and airy and fully equipped with modern teaching aids, audio-visual facilities, in order to enhance the learning experience and make it more interactive. All facilities at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre are accessible to the students, faculty and course participants.

The Centre has been publishing two separate research magazines annually in English and Arabic since 1990.Now the Centre has been able to publish a trilingual (Urdu, English and Arabic) Bi-annual, Research Journal namely as Saqafat-ul-Islamia (Islamic Culture) and the centre is publishing a Quarterly bilingual Newsletter “The Activities” as well.