aims and objectives of this programme:

Islamic Banking and Finance course is one of the most effective means that a society possesses for encountering furture challenges. Being one the leading institutes in this part of the world the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center provides a solid foundation to prepare students to meet this challenge.

Distinguishing features of the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre are the induction of students through a systematic and merit based admission process, training in a demanding academic environment and on time completion of study of programs. Admission procedures, curricula, methods of instruction and the system of examination at the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center give it a unique position among leading educational institutions in Pakistan.

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center's Philosophy:

The recurrent theme of the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center's existence is that Islamic Education should be prevalent to meet the demands of the future. The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre provides an enabling environments, conducive to scholarship and research. The faculty, staff, students and members of the organizations work together to achieve learning goals. Students acquire knowledge and skills through constructive and distinctive processes that encourage them to develop understanding of Islamic concepts and issues, think independently and ro make rational choices. They are encourages to become responsible students, active participants and leaders and to apply their knowledge in real world context. The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center programs are deisgned to provide world-class professional managers and entrepreneurs for the bank and finance industry in Pakistan. Students take part in broad variety of activities ranging from volunteering for charity work and participating in athletic events to organizing conferences on a variety of Islamic issues. A spirit of involvement is important because team work, leadership and being a responsible citizen are the foundations of the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center experience.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Islamic Banking & Finance:

The Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre offers a one-year Postgraduate Diploma Course and then in continuation a one-year Master programme in Islamic Banking and Finance to give its students comprehensive professional education. The program Islamic Banking and Finance offerings are designed to impart the knowledge needed for analysis, decision making and management in different organizations, including financial corporations, banks, insurance companies, investment firms and government units. The course is an application of the modern Theory of Islamic Banking and Financial modeling techniques to financial decision making and risk management of the finance institutions. The Postgraduate Diploma Course in Islamic Banking and Finance requires 12 courses (36 Credits).

duration of the programme:

The Post Graduat Diploma is One Year (two semester Programme) including Twelve(12) courses of 3 credit hours. each, 6 Course Per Semester. In Continuation with the PGD , the center has launched Master in Islamic Banking and finance, One Year (two semester programme) including Twelve (12) courses of 3 Credit Hour each.