B.S (Islamic Banking and Finance)
A Unique degree offered from Pioneers of Education in Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan.

Islamic Banking and Finance course is one of the most effective means that a society possesses for encountering future challenges. Being one the leading institutes in this part of the world the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center provides a solid foundation to prepare students to meet this challenge. Distinguishing features of the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre are the induction of students through a systematic and merit based admission process, training in a demanding academic environment and on time completion of study of programs. Admission procedures, curricula, methods of instruction and the system of examination at the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center give it a unique position among leading educational institutions in Pakistan.

Courses of Studies
S.No. 1st Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-311 Islamic Studies 03
2 IBF-321 Arabic-1 03
3 IBF-331 English-1 03
4 IBF-341 Principles of Trade & Business 03
5 IBF-351 Principles of Management 03
Total Credit Hours 15
S.No. 2nd  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-312 Pakistan Studies 03
2 IBF-322 Arabic-2 03
3 IBF-332 English-2 03
4 IBF-342 Introduction to Micro Economics 03
5 IBF-352 Philosophy, Logic and Ethics 03
Total Credit Hours 15
S.No. 3rd  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-411 Leadership & Managerial Communication 03
2 IBF-421 Business Mathematics 03
3 IBF-431 Business Statistics 03
4 IBF-441 Principles of Accounting 03
5 IBF-451 Introduction Macro Economics 03
Total Credit Hours 15
S.No. 4th  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-412 Business Communication 03
2 IBF-422 Business Finance 03
3 IBF-432 ICT Applications in Business 03
4 IBF-442 Islamic Perspective of Mass Communication 03
5 IBF-452 Legal & Regulatory Environment 03
Total Credit Hours 15

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S.No. 5th  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-511 Basic Sources of Shariah 03
2 IBF-521 Fiqh ul Muamlaat – I 03
3 IBF-531 Islamic Economics 03
4 IBF-541 Asset Liability and Management in IFIs 03
5 IBF-551 Practices and Laws of Banking 03
6 IBF-561 Cost and Financial Accounting 03
Total Credit Hours 18
S.No. 6th  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-512 AAOIFI Shariah Standards – I 03
2 IBF-522 Fiqh ul Muamlaat – II 03
3 IBF-532 Shariah Audit, Compliance Regulation & Supervision 03
4 IBF-542 Introduction to Business & Islamic Finance 03
5 IBF-552 Case Studies for Islamic Modes of Finance 03
6 IBF-562 Entrepreneurship 03
Total Credit Hours 18
S.No. 7th  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-611 AAOIFI’s Shariah Standards-II 03
2 IBF-621 Pakistan Economics 03
3 IBF-631 AAOIFI’s Accounting Standards & SECP Standard’s of IFAS-1 & IFAS-2 03
4 IBF-641 Mathematics of Finance 03
5 IBF-651 Research Methodology 03
6 IBF-661 Human Resource Management in IFIs 03
Total Credit Hours 18
S.No. 8th  Semester Name of Subject Cr. Hours
1 IBF-612 Corporate Governance & Capital Adequacy for Islamic Banks 03
2 IBF-622 Strategies of Marketing for Islamic Financial Services 03
3 IBF-632 Risk Management & Takaful 03
4 IBF-642 Strategic Management for Islamic Financial Institutions 03
5 IBF-652 Financial Management 03
6 IBF-662 Islamic Wealth Management 03
Total Credit Hours 18
Program Overview

The program Islamic Banking and Finance offerings are designed to impart the knowledge needed for analysis, decision making and management in different organizations, including financial corporations, banks, insurance companies, investment firms and government units. The course is an application of the modern Theory of Islamic Banking and Financial modeling techniques to financial decision making and risk management of the finance institutions.


This programme requires full time regular study of eight semesters (Four years) of four and half months each. 

Degree Awarded

B.S in Islamic Banking and Finance

Pre Requisite for Admission

Passed Intermediate or its equivalent examination with at least 45%.

Days and Timings

Morning : Classes are held from Monday to Friday   –   9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Evening : Classes are held from Monday to Friday   –   3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Admission Procedure

Application Form Submission

The applications for the programme will be received online through our Admission Portal.The following documents are to be submitted along with the application form.

Attested photo copy of Matric certificate along with marks sheet.
Attested photo copy of the Intermediate or equivalent certificate along with marks sheet.
Character Certificate from the head of the institution last attended or from a Gazetted Officer.
Two attested passport size recent photographs.
A photocopy of I.D.Card or a photocopy of B-Form.
Migration Certificate (if outside Karachi Board.)

Applications received after the last date are not considered


  1. Students of Dars-e-Nizami interested in BS 3rd Year (IBF) are required to submit equivalency of Uok of BA.
  2. Students having equivalency of MA of Uok are not eligible for admission in the BS IBF Program
  3. ADC & ADA students can also apply for BS 3rd Year IBF Program (Condition of not same year award of degree)

Written Aptitude Test

Students, applying for admission, have to pass a written test, comprising of Islamic Studies, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. Incase of Open Merit Admissions no Aptitude Test is conducted.


The students who have passed the written test have to qualify the prescribed Interview separately.Incase of Open Merit Admissions no Interview is conducted.

Final Selection

The final selection of only a limited number of candidates is made as per merit list.

Tuition Fee

S.No Title Evening
1. Tuition Fee (Per Semester) 37400
2. Admission Fee 5500
3. Co-curricular Activities 1000
4. Magazine/Newsletter 1000
5. Exhibition 1000
5. Total Fee (in rupees) 45900

Seats Available

50 Seats are available for the morning programme. The seats are filled up as per merit list, prepared on the basis of written test and interview or on the basis of result of Open Merit.

Apply for Admission Online